The MISSION of REACHING Ministries
A multi-faceted Ministry


The Ministry of Praise In Song

"Praise In Song" is a musical worship service designed to focus on the LORD Jesus and to lead people in worship and in praise to the LORD " in the beauty of holiness." (Psalm 96:7-9)

The Praise In Song service is a complete worship service with much audience participation, and the presenter singing and proclaiming the Word of God. At the end of each service a silent invitation is given relating to commitment to Christ.

Music In Worship Seminars

The music part of worship is a vital, funda-mental part of worship. In these exciting  Seminars we learn what the Bible teaches about the origins of music and the vital roll that music plays in the service of worship.  We also learn what the Bible teaches about the significance of preparation for ministering in the service of worship, and, the how of that preparation.  A syllabus is provided with room for extensive note taking.


Our mission is to provide funding for unbudgeted missions needs. Helping Missionaries, Missions organizations and   Native Missionaries to fulfill their mission by providing  funds, not otherwise available, for those activities.  Simply, "we minister to those who minister."

REACHING is Currently involved in three Missions works:

1. The Bethel Bible Institute in Myanmar, formerly Burma,  - Providing Scholarship funds for  students who cannot raise the needed money for tuition and school expenses.  Tuition and expenses come to about $50 US per month.

2.  Camp Berea in Central Mexico where we seek to help provide funds for the day to day operation costs of the Bible Camp.

3.  Sending  native Missionaries throughout India, graduates from Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Bangalroe India.  These Missionaries have graduated with a minimum of a degree and are eager to fulfill the Great Commission to their Native peoples.  They are involved in Evangelism, Pastoring, disciplining, children's work and Church Planting.

The cost of providing for a single Missionary is $100 US per month.  A married couple would need $150 to $200 US per month according to size of family.  You may sponsor a Native Missionary for as little as $30 per month.
President - Marian Isaacson. The main duties of that office are to preside over all business meetings. Marian also proof reads and approves all Prayer Letters and promotional material that is produced for the ministry.

Secretary-Treasurer - Theodora Hackenberg. As Secretary, she takes the minutes at all business meetings and provides copies to all members of the Board. As Treasurer, she deposits all of the funds that come in, pays all bills and produces financial reports for the board and other reporting agencies.

Executive Director - Giles Isaacson. Takes care of the daily operation of the ministry: Correspondence, receipting of all incoming funds, writes the Prayer letter, designs promotional material, sends out the kits to  Sponsors, maintains data base of all Prayer Partners, givers, sponsors. Presents Praise in Song Concerts, designs and maintains the WEB site, etc.

Associate Executive Director - Lynette Rose, Public Relations and communication.

Directors - Arlene Johnson & Shirley Deveroux are teachers and musicians.  They have supported this work from the early days of the ministry.

Members of the Board receive no remuneration for their services. Overhead expenses are met through undesignated gifts and through undesignated offerings received at Praise in Song services and other presentations. If there is a surplus in the General fund, a portion of that is moved into the missions fund. Board members also pay many of the overhead expenses out of their own funds, thus 100% of all designated funds are used for their designated purpose.
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REACHING Ministries, PO Box 1785, Moses Lake WA 98837, 1-509-750-4105

Presently the Board of Directors of Reaching consists of Marian & Giles Isaacson, Theodora Hackenberg, Lynette Rose, Arlene Johnson and Shirley Deveroux. Their offices and duties are as follows:
Marian & Giles