Music In Worship
"Oh come let us sing to file LORD! lef us shout joyfully to file Rock or our salvation Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, let us shout Joyfully to Him with psalms For the LORD is the great God, and the great King above all gods " Psalms 95:1-3

The music part of worship is a vital, fundamental part of worship.
Therefore, attendees of the Music in Worship Workshop will learn: In Section One, what the Bible teaches about the vital roll that music plays in the service of worship; what it is to "worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness." (Psalms 96:9)  This portion of the workshop is for all believer worshipers, not just for worship leaders. In Section Two,  what the Bible teaches about the significance of preparation for ministering in the service of worship and what the leader or performer must do to prepare adequately. This section is profitable not only for worship leaders, but also for anyone who is working in any ministry in the church and to all other worshipers: Having this knowledge will provide a better understanding of how to pray for your church lead 

To cover this exciting material fully, there are two sections.  The time needed to explore each section is at least two hours.
Section One is a discussion of the origin of music in worship, using the book of 1Chronicles and the Psalms as the main references. This section helps us to see the important roll of music in the service of worship and to help us understand and appreciate the great variety in the forms of worship that are exercised throughout the body of believers in the LORD Jesus.  Awareness of spiritual warfare should be a crucial reality in the life of every believer. In section one we come to see the awesome effect that praise, with instruments and song has in this spiritual battle.
Section Two is a study of God's Word dealing with the preparation for ministering in the service of worship. The act of leading is very serious business in that it is the responsibility of the worship leader to lead Worshipers into the very presence of the King of Kings. Therefore it is essential that those who minister know how to prepare, so that the LORD Jesus will truly be exalted in the service of worship. 
A syllabus is provided with room for extensive note taking. The outline is an excellent source for review and for use in private devotions and for additional study after the workshop is over.

Here is what some of the participants have said about their workshop experience:
In response to the question "what ministered to you most?"

  "I found this workshop to be encouraging .... to spend more time in prayer ... The focus on Jesus Christ is to be the theme of all that we do."
  "I really appreciate the fact that so many of the outlines were backed up with Scripture ... I was impressed by the ideas on how to prepare if we are involved in music ministry."     "The emphasis on Spirit led worship and being open to what the Holy Spirit wants, not restricting Him."

In response to the question  "what new thoughts did you receive?"

  "The 3x factor prayer idea. Also, the part that praise has in the warfare we are in ... the various aspects that are important in preparation for worship."
  "I realize afresh the need for a groundwork of prayer to be laid before doing music ministry."

Most respondents stated that there should have been more time allotted for the workshop.

We want you to have a part in the blessing of  feasting on God's Word and worshipping Him in the "beauty of holiness." You will be blessd, informed, inspired and greatly encouraged in your ministry.
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