"Around the world today, the Holy Spirit is breaking over Asian and African nations, raising up a new army of missionaries.  Thousands of dedicated men and women are bringing the salvation story to their own people - millions of lost souls in closed countries who would probably never learn about the love of God by any other means.  These humble obscure pioneers of the Gospel are taking up the banner of the cross where colonial-era missions left off.  They are the third wave of mission history--the native missionary movement." K.P. Yohannan, "Revolution in World Missions" Introduction
Sponsoring and Sending  Native Missionaries
We are supporting National Missionaries who are graduates from Bible School with a minimum or four year degree of B.th. These young missionaries are eager to fulfill the Great Commission in reaching out to their native peoples.

They are involved in evangelism, Church planting, pastoring, discipleing and childrens work.

The cost of providing support for a single Missionary is from $100 to $150 per month.  For a married couple the cost is from $100 to $200 per month according to the size of the family.

Will you pray and consider what the LORD would have you do?

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as of 12/30/02
Ministry of Pradeep in Pedavadlapudi village
Christmas service, "We sing to the LORD with all our strength."
Its great pleasure and joy that we worship the LORD among the nations.  We honor His presence
We had a session in God's Word for the Sunday School children
Christmas lunch for believers and unbelievers. Some new people also participated in this lunch.
Ministry of Pastor Pradeep in Prathur village
Gathering together in a hut to sing, clap and praise the Savior, Jesus Christ
Giving the Gospel message to people who are thirsty for God's word. They are listening very carefully.
All are enjoying the presence of the LORD (Ps.84:10), and showing the love of God toward people.
Proclaiming God's word and witnessing for Him to the world.  We stand for God til we die.
WE now have ten Missionaries plus their Ministry Associates serving in India.
The Missionaries provide for their Associates from the monthly allotment that they receive.
Our Missionary
Church Planting in Andhra Pradesh