MBBC Students & Faculty
Our mission at Maranatha Baptist Bible College is to prepare men and women for full-time ministry.  We seek to entrust God's Word in all its purity and athority to such faithful and committed students so that they in turn can teach others also.
MBBC is committed to excellence by being consistent in the interpretation of the Bible - the inerrant, infallible and revealed Word of God and by requiring students to do their best.  Each faculty undertakes to subscribe to such a stand.
Fundamental doctrines of evangelical orthodoxy are taught in the framework of premellennial and dispensational theology derived from a grammatical, historical and literal interpretation of the Scriptures.
A Balanced curriculum is adopted to help each student to not only understand the historical, grammatical, contextual and literal interpretation of the Bible, but also to interact with modern scholarship and contemporary theological issues. 
Our final goal, however, is to help the students grow towards the stature and maturity of the LORD Jesus Christ as "Servant Leaders", not some day or at the end of one's life, but help disseminate that process right here in the midst of a busy schedule.
We, therefore, urge the students to live and demonstrate such a Christ-honoring life here on campus. 

The academic year begins by the first week of July.  All those who receive "calling letters" are to arrive a day prior to registration and orientation.  Admission interviews are conducted on that day.  A graduate degree course such as B.Th or BRE requires a high school pass certificate with 40% Indian shcool system average.

A certificate course such as D.Th. requires proficiency in English, 2 years of ministry experience and a minimum of Class IX pass certificate.

B.Th (4 years) SSLC/PUC Pass 40% marks
B.R.E. (4 years) SSLC/PUC Pass 40% marks
D.Th (2years) Class IX Pass/Ministry expericnce
For additional information on MBBC, please write to:

Post Box- 9549,  Koramangala
Bangalore - 560095
A four year degree course student has to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours (Semester Hour) of course work to graduate. The two-year certificate course student has to complete 60 credit hours to receive the certificate. These credit hours are to be earned in Theology, Bible Language (Greek), and Ministry Courses.  One may transfer up to 20 credit hours to MBBC from another Bible College depending upon our approval of the school, and student's G.P.

MBBC grants admission without discrimination to men and women who confess the LORD Jesus Christ as their Savior and LORD and demonstrate evidences of a definite call to the ministry.

Completed application along with other documentation and credentials should reach the office well in advance.  Accepted candidates will receive calling letter's and each applicant should see that they complete the admission process early and avoid rejection.

Partial or full scholarships are made available to those who deserve and to those who demonstrate academic and spiritual excellence during the 1st year.  Students are responsible to pay for their own books, notes, study materials and other expenses.

We believe it is important for each student to bear a part of the cost of their own education.  We offer free tuition and boardig for all.  Scholarship offered towards mess fees covers about half to two-thirds of the total cost.  Hence, scholarship students have to pay Rs. 400 - to Rs. 800/- a month towards Mess fee.  Non-Scholarship students pay Rs. 1,000/- a month.  Admission fee is Rs. 500/-

Students, both male and female, are to conduct themselves as mature servants of Christ.  A lot of our students would have had ministerial experience.  However, if we have to discipline those breaking the rules we would do it appropriately.


Maranatha Baptist Bible College is the ministry of Maranatha Theological and Educational Trust.  The Founder President and members of the Trust seek to fulfill the great commission of our LORD Jesus Christ through the ministry of this Bible College.  The Trustee Board recognizes it's responsiblilty by lelping the college run smoothly.