Don and Andrea LaRocque are serving in Bolivia in the Amazon River region.  The LaRocque’s have continued the Ministry of Jean and Erwin Bourne upon their return to the US. 

Don tells of his vision: The Wisdom gifted to Solomon from the LORD is interlaced throughout his writings.  His approach to reasoning a Creator from the creation is the apologetic model that was used by the greatest of the prophets including our blessed Savior and Enoch.  We will be using the same approach in our evangelism programs that use agricultural technologies coupled with Christian apologetics (Mt 12:42)

Our hopes are to become self supportive with our growing projects.  With proper facilities and equipment, we will be producing valuable medicinal mushrooms that will eliminate the need for donor dependence and sustain our evangelistic endeavors to glorify our Savior…

Lately our time has been consumed with visiting a host of people who have searched us out for healing of various ailments including several people who have been diagnosed with cancer, some who are still undergoing chemo or radiotherapy. Amazingly, the amount of people that have been cured is growing and there is almost a frenzy of people who are spreading news about the power of Ganoderma therapy.

Since mid 2006 REACNING Ministries has assisted the Bourne’s in certain administrative activities.  Erwin has now passed into the loving arms of the LORD Jesus and his wife Jean is no longer able to continue in the Ministry except to pray and communicate with givers – she is an earnest, steadfast prayer warier for the LaRocque’s and the Ministry.  Subsequently she asked that we assume total responsibility for the Ministry.  The Board of Reaching unanimously consented to this.